• Joel Brennan
WI Department of Administration Secretary 
"Stress/Time Management - Running a Company from a Cancer Survivor's Perspective"
We also talk about slowing down, cutting down our stress and being better time managers.  But, most of the time it never happens.  When a severe health issues like cancer hits, you find yourself changing your perspective not only on life, but how you run your company.
  • Brad Connor - Account Executive - PARTNERS FUNDING INC.
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"First Impressions...What Yours Says to Your Guests and Employees!"
What do residents think of our community?  Our businesses?  Our hospitality?  What do visitors think?  Is this a place people want to Visit?  Live?  Work?  There is an “inventory” that every community needs to have, and many ways to sell it!  Successful communities spawn local leadership, strengthen community vitality, and form the basis for future development.
  • Andrew Nussbaum - Southwest Regional Specialist - WI DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM
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  • Anne Sayers
WI Department of Tourism Deputy Secretary 
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"Did You Know?"
Spotlights on businesses and organizations in Monroe County, showcasing the unique things they do to impact our area.  Could be their products, their services, their growth, etc.  You will hear first hand from each of them the story of their business, their visions, challenges and successes!
  • Scott Degier
Director of Sales & Marketing
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  • Jarrod Roll
Local Historian
  • Jake Wyss
  • Cathy Stepp
Regional Administrator - EPA REGION 5


Cathy serves as the Regional Administrator for EPA Region 5. Her responsibilities include overseeing environmental protection efforts in the Great Lakes states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, as well as 35 federally recognized tribal governments. One of her roles is manager of EPA Great Lakes National Program, in which she leads restoration and protection of the largest freshwater system in the world. Before joining Region 5, she was principal deputy regional administrator for EPA Region 7.

Ms. Stepp served as the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources from 2011 to 2017. As state cabinet secretary, she led the third largest state agency with about 4,000 employees and was responsible for state enforcement and protection of wildlife, fisheries, state parks, trails, forests and environmental permitting.

Ms. Stepp also served as a Wisconsin state senator from 2003 to 2007, where she represented nearly 160,000 constituents and authored and advanced legislation on regulatory reform, job creation and other issues. Prior to entering public service, Ms. Stepp owned a small business, a home-building company.

  • Frank Frassetto - Wisconsin State Director
"Why Human Capital Management Matters"
How does your company view your “People” side of the business – as a Resource or as Capital?   Research shows that the top predictor of workplace satisfaction is not pay.  You will find out much more about why how you manage your staff matters.

  • Chris Rosenlund - Business Performance Advisor - INSPERITY
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"Tackling the Housing Issues affecting Business Growth"
Housing is one of the key issues impacting growth and expansion of companies throughout the country.  Workforce housing is very much in need.  Learn about some programs and success stories that have occurred across Wisconsin. 
  • Stuart Kuzik - Director of Business and Community Engagement Group - WHEDA
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"We now have Broadband!  Now what?"
While there are still areas of the State who are struggling with broadband service, many areas of the State have it now, but what are they really doing with it now?  How are they using it?  How are they marketing it?  How are they recruiting with it?  Hear some success stories and what you can do to get the most of your broadband service.  
  • MaryAnn Lippert - Consultant - MARYANN LIPPERT CONSULTING, LLC (moderator)
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  • Angie Dickison - State Broadband Director - PSC OF WISCONSIN
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  • Anne Hlavacka - Director - Wisconsin SBDC - UW-LA CROSSE
  • Jim Costello - CEO -  LYNXX NETWORKS
"Fast Forward" Program
Grant program is a nationally recognized, innovative talent development solution driven by Wisconsin businesses to train and retain highly skilled workers. Over $20 million in WFF grant contracts has been issued to date, supporting more than 200 worker training projects and benefiting hundreds of employers and thousands of workers across Wisconsin.
  • Rita Atkinson - Director - Office of Skills Development - WI DEPT. OF WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT
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"Helping Others Win"
John Maxwell says, "A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."  For us to make a significant impact in the lives of others, we must help them win.  We do this first by becoming masters of ourselves and then we use our experiences to effectively empower others to do what they cannot currently do alone.  
  • Jason Hunt - John Maxwell Certified Speaker | Trainer | Optimist - EYE SQUARED
"RLF/CDBG Transition"
The Revolving Loan Fund and Community Development Block Grant programs have been a staple of the State for many years.  Now, a transition is being done with a total restructuring of the funds and programming.  Learn more about the transition and the assets it could bring to your community or County.
  • Dave Pawlisch
Director, Bureau of Community Development
  • Mark Staff

Section Chief


"Economic Disaster Preparedness & Recovery: A Community Approach"
This area of Wisconsin has seen 500 year floods 2 years in a row.  What was a rarity is now happening often and the devastation from the record rainfalls and flooding has had a tremendous impact on the area.  We will touch on things that community and economic development people should be doing at all stages of the planning, response and recovery processes as well as businesses themselves.
  • Jennifer Kuderer-Radcliffe - Economic Development Representative - DAIRYLAND POWER
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