• Steve Peterson - Monroe County EDCT Coordinator
  • Nodji Van Wychen - Monroe County EDCT Chair
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  • Caleb Frostman - WI Department of Workforce Development Secretary 
Workforce Panel   (Part 1) 
"Talent Pipeline: How to connect to youth and grow your talent pipeline locally"
​Learn about the resources for workforce recruitment that you may not have tapped into before.  This session will not only outline the opportunities but you will learn "hands on" on how to get the process moving forward for your business.
  • Chris Hardie - Executive Director               
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  • Jeff Scheel Inspire Coordinator
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  • Milton Rogers
Apprenticeship Training Representative
  • Amanda Langrehr - Career & Exploration Director
  • Dr. Tim Strait
Office of Skills Development
  • Hope Hembd 
Director - Corporate & Nonprofit Relations | Advancement
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"Accessing non-traditional talent during the labor shortage"
There is a workforce out there that you may not have seen as an option for your company.  Recruiting this workforce is easier than you think and can have a real positive impact on your workforce needs.  Learn the hiring process along with some great success stories.
  • Dave Dechant -  Human Resources Officer & Decorated Veteran
  • Patti Johnson -  Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Rick Larson -  Office of Veterans Employment Services
  • Lisa Taylor -  Associate Director
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  • Melissa SantellEmployment Specialist
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  • Ray Woodruff - Employment Programs Manager
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  • Ryan TichenorBusiness Development
"Fort McCoy Update"​
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A quick overview of what has been going on at the Fort McCoy Army Base since last year's Conference.  You'll also hear a bit about the upcoming Economic Impact Report that will be released in late March along with what is in store for training and special events on the base in 2019.
  • Tonya Townsell - Public Affairs Officer - FORT McCOY
"Reach Customers Online with Google"​
Learn how customers find your business online and how to promote your online presence using search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising. We’ll also introduce tools that will help you run your business online, including Google Analytics and Trends.
  • Erin Bemis - IOM - Get Your Business Online Trainer - GOOGLE
  • Mark O'Connell -  Executive Director
Mark serves as WCA Executive Director and has been with the Association since 1989.  He  is president of WCA Services, Inc., serves as an executive officer of the Wisconsin Higher Education Business Roundtable, is Vice President of Competitive Wisconsin and was a principal in the Wisconsin Way effort. 
Mark serves on several state boards and commissions including the UW Colleges and UW-Extension Board of Visitors, of which he is President.   Previously, he worked for the State of Wisconsin in the Department of Administration, Department of Natural Resources, and Legislative Audit Bureau. He has a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin.  
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"Leading with Influence"
Simply put, there are only two ways to lead: through your title or through your influence.  Lead with a title and you'll get momentary change, minimal effort, and mediocre results.  Lead with influence and you'll grow the positive impact you can have in the lives of others, no matter your vocation or aspiration, at home, at work, and in every other aspect of life.  
  • Jason Hunt - John Maxwell Certified Speaker | Trainer | Optimist - EYE SQUARED
"What Talent Shortage?  How to prosper in challenging times...."
This presentation will focus on four primary recruiting challenges faced by organizations with corresponding actions and tactics.  Topics include remote and rural geographies, hard-to-find skill sets, difficult industry and organizational challenges.  Make recruiting a competitive advantage.
  • Lee Skaalrud - Principal - PREDICTIVE SEARCH
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"Get Found on Google Search & Maps"
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Are you leveraging one of the most popular and free tools from Google? Explore Google My Business, a free tool for local businesses, who want to connect with customers on Google Search and Maps. Get hands-on help creating or updating your listing, and take advantage of a free website.
  • Erin Bemis - IOM - Get Your Business Online Trainer - GOOGLE
"Setting Expectations with People"
What, why and how. People need to be needed, they need to know that they are needed, and they need to know that they helped.  Some simple insights into setting expectations and getting the most of out of people.
  • Oak Moser - Company Coach - COACHING2CONNECT
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"Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur"
Entrepreneurs have been the backbone of business growth in Wisconsin for decades.  Now, more than ever, those endeavors are possible and welcomed.  Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not difficult but it does encompass many facets of business sense to grow and succeed.  Nancy first hand knows what it takes to start your own business and has worked with many other start-ups for the past years in State government work.  She will pass on her experiences, pitfalls and successes.
  • Nancy Mistele - Consultant - NANCY MISTELE CONSULTING, LLC
"Wisconomy 101"
A tour of the recently updated Labor Market Information for Wisconsin - "Wisconomy". Learn how to find unemployment rates, occupational wages, and other labor data.

  • William Brockmiller - Labor Market Economist - WI DEPT. OF WORKFORCE  DEVELOPMENT

"Common Vision & Purpose:  Getting everyone wanting to go in the same direction"
To launch an idea within a business usually requires the cooperation of multiple people.  Human nature being what it is, some people may resist change and not be fully on board with the new idea.  This resistance makes it harder for the person and other team members to succeed. 
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"Small Business Administration Programs & Initiatives"
An update on current and new programs offered by SBA.  A rural initiative program will be outlined along with efforts for start-ups and expansion projects.  An update on the post-disaster work done in the area after the devastating floods this past late summer and early fall.
  • Joe Knilans -  Rural Affairs Advocate - Office of Advocacy

  • Eric Ness - District Director - Wisconsin District Office 

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"Connect Communities"
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WEDC provides technical assistance to communities in the planning, management and implementation of strategic development projects in downtowns and urban neighborhoods.  Learn what programs and incentives that are available to Connect Communities and how your municipality could become a Connect Community. 
  • Errin Welty - Downtown Development Account Manager

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